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Barcode fonts and barcode DLL products and services 
used worldwide every day

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Barcode use eliminates errors - print reliable barcodes - from existing applications

Barcode products supporting barcode specifications, for use in; business, industry and commerce worldwide. You can automatically print barcodes using; Microsoft Access 98, Access 2003, etc., Word, Excel, FoxPro, Navision, Visual Basic 5.0, 6.0, Visual Basic .Net (VB.Net), Visio, Inprise Delphi, Paradox, Seagate Crystal Reports, PeopleSoft, PowerBuilder, Lotus Notes, SAP, ...

Our products include a lifetime of free support - a valuable resource from our barcode experts. For the fastest response to all general, technical support and barcode questions;

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Do you demand the best, most flexible Automatic Identifications (Auto ID) systems?

Barcode functions and tools include all linear barcode truetype fonts and DLL tools for barcode symbologies (types) TUC (Trading Unit Code) and Consumer Code types - at no extra cost; Code 128, Code 128 A, Code 128 B, Code 128 C, UCC-128, EAN-128, SSCC-18, VICS BOL (Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards, Bill Of Lading) which is UCC-128 Application Identifier (402) as well as BOL, Ship To Location, Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC)/PRO, UCC-13, EAN-13, ISBN-10, ISBN-13, EAN-13 + 2 digit supplement, EAN-13 + 5 digit supplement, UCC-8, EAN-8, UPC, UPC-A, UPC-E, Codabar, ITF-14, ITF with bearer bars top and bottom, ITF with full bearer bars, Interleaved 2-of-5 (ITF), Industrial 2-of-5, ISBN, ISSN, POSTNET, RM4SCC, Code 93, Bookland, Variable Weight / Variable Price EAN with automatic check digit for 4 and 5 digit prices, ...

Microsoft Word barcode DLL fontMicrosoft Access barcode DLL report fontMicrosoft Excel barcode DLL font functionMicrosoft FoxPro barcode DLL font function FLLInprise Borland Delphi barcode DLL font functionCrystal Reports barcode DLL font UFL User Function Library

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Crystal Reports from Business Objects / Visual Studio

To automatically calculate and print a field called CustomerTable.CodeField as a type Code 128 barcode;

formula = BarcodeCODE128 ( "C128-0.BA", {CustomerTable.CodeField} )

Above used Crystal Reports Basic Syntax - now using Crystal Syntax;

BarcodeCODE128 ( "C128-0.BA", {CustomerTable.CodeField} )

TIP: To install - just copy file U2LBCP.DLL to folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Business Objects\2.7\Bin

Excel - Print any spreadsheet cell as a barcode - automatically

To automatically calculate (i.e. display / print) a type Code 128 barcode in a spreadsheet cell - just use one simple function in your formula;


Or - if your data is in a different cell - just use a cell reference;


Note: Barcode cell can even be used in Word (using Mail Merge) to print barcodes.

Access - Barcodes in reports - automatically and easily

To automatically calculate (i.e. print) a type Code 128 barcode in an Access report - just use one simple function in a text box object data source;


TIP: Use the same formula in an Access query field;


then data from the Access query (including the new barcode) can be printed in Word using Mail Merge (automatically).

VB.Net - Our example makes it simple to print barcodes

To automatically calculate and print a type Code 128 barcode;

Private Sub PrintDocument1_PrintPage(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Drawing.Printing.PrintPageEventArgs) Handles PrintDocument1.PrintPage

    Dim f As System.Drawing.Font
    Dim barcode As String

    barcode = CIA_CODE128(TextBox1) ' Calculate the barcode from data in TextBox1

    f = New System.Drawing.Font("CIA Code 128 Tall", 14) ' Select suitable font name and size
    e.Graphics.DrawString(barcode, f, System.Drawing.Brushes.Black, 100, 100) ' Print the barcode
    e.HasMorePages = False ' Done

End Sub

Designed to meet all standards of; UCC (Uniform Code Council), ISO, ANSI, NIST, VICS, EAN, CEN, etc.

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Automatic check digit / check character calculation from the standard formula / algorithm specification which often uses position weighting; modulo 10, modulo 11, modulo 16, modulo 43, modulo 103, (i.e. modulus 10, modulus 11, modulus 16, modulus 43, modulus 103), CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check), LRC (Longitudinal Redundancy Check), Runes, etc. If you need a new control digit or control character, please ask us and we will provide it free of charge. Useful and practical quiet zone / light margin features. Useful and practical default narrow bar and wide bar element ratios.

Global Service Relation Number (GSRN), Global Individual Asset Identifier (GIAI), Global Returnable Asset Identifier (GRAI), Global Location Number (GLN), Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), Primary Acount Number (PAN) Luhn modulo 10 check digit calculation, Issuer Identification Number (IIN), Bank Identification Number (BIN), ...

NEW! Support for Variable Weight / Variable Price EAN with automatic check digit for 4 and 5 digit prices.

These products are already used in over 40 countries, by the world's largest organizations; Hewlett Packard - Disney - Intel - Nestlé - UPS Logistics - TNT - Siemens - Xerox - Electicité de France - Levi Strauss - Cable and Wireless - Vodafone - Royal Mail - One 2 One - Block Drug - Kraft Jacobs Suchard - Philips - Polaroid - Goodyear - McLaren - Mitsubishi Electric - Blue Circle - Johnson & Johnson - Volvo - Compaq - Samsung - BBC - KPMG - EDS - Food Lion - Alcatel - Velux - Poste Denmark - AssiDomän GmbH - NATO - Andersen Consulting - Bosch - Hyundai - BOC - AGFA - Weyerhaeuser ...

Barcode products and fonts are used every day by the world's largest organizations

Our TrueType barcode fonts allow GRADE A (ISO/ANSI) barcode quality standards to be achieved; for maximum barcode reading efficiency on all equipment (e.g. Metrologic, Datalogic, Symbol, Intermec, Casio, Unitech, PSC, HHP, etc.). This is also important when scanning barcodes using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software and cameras / document scanners / page scanners. Achieve best possible x-dimension (narrow bar width) measurement for more efficient barcode labels.

Support for all suitable Windows printers, including; - 600 dpi laser document printers (HP LaserJet, Brother, Canon, Citizen, Epson, Panasonic, etc.) - 200 dpi thermal label and thermal tag printers (e.g. Zebra, Intermec, TEC, Datamax, CItoh, etc.) - 200 dpi receipt printers (e.g. Eltron, Zebra, Intermec, Godex, TEC, Sato, Citizen, Cognitive, Datamax, Monarch, Avery Dennison, Argox, Autronics, Birch, Brady, Bradyprinter, Cab, Century, Comtec, Datasouth, Don Print, Fastmark, Paxar, Etisys, Epson, Panex, Astech, C.Itoh, Ithica, Imaje, IBM, Pitney Bowes, Printronix, Panex, Meto, Novexx, Okabe, QuickLabel, Ring, Valentin, VIPColor, System Wave, Samsung, Tharo, Thermopatch, ThermoTex, TSC, Taiwanese Semiconductor, Automated Packaging Systems, ThermoTex, Tyco, Unimark, Wedderburn, etc.) - 300 dpi ID card printers (e.g. Eltron, Fargo, CIM, etc.)

You can produce paper and plastic barcode labels for; Dexion racking, carousel, test tube, freezer, bin, trolley, aisle, shelf edge, tray, document, file, folder, address, advice note, GRN, serial number, asset, etc.

Labelling applications include; product labels, freight, customs, transport, logistics, shipping labels, linerless labels, box labels, receiving labels, inventory labels, sortation labels, compliance labels, product identification, WIP (Work In Process), shelf labels, shelf-edge tags, swing tickets, food labels, video cassette labels, event tickets, general tags, address labels, library book labels, jewellery labels, patient record labels, test tube labels, electronic circuit board labels, small labels (10 mm or less), MITL labels, AIAG labels, ODETTE labels, pallet labels, chemical drum labels, baggage tags, bin labels, pallet labels, business cards, promotional labels, large character signs, vinyl signs, etc.

Some places some of our customers work; factory, warehouse, jet fighter, hospital, college, storeroom, walk-in fridge, office, yard, forest, greenhouse, restaurant, stockroom, library, laboratory, shop, cash & carry, on-the-road, caravan park, in vans, trucks, on foot, forklift, airport, ship, theme park, doctor's surgery, vets, container crane, oilrig, chemical plant, port dock, farm, ...


Automatically print barcodes 

JIT software products add the capability to print barcodes automatically, to your Windows software. 

Now it is possible to print professional barcodes, using; Microsoft Access, Word, Excel, FoxPro, Visual Basic, Visio, Inprise Delphi, Paradox, Seagate Crystal Reports, PowerBuilder, SAP, ...

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